Minecraft has taught programming to 85 million people

By: Eugene Sherban | 07.03.2018, 14:11
Minecraft has taught programming to 85 million people

Analysts from   Code.org actually recognized the Minecraft game as a textbook for coding for children.

ABOUT   than speech

A couple of years ago, guys with   Code.org came on   Minecraft developers with   a suggestion to make unusual programming courses. After all, a huge virtual world with   a clear structure   - an ideal platform for creating an educational environment. AT   result in   The multi-language project " Minecraft Code Hour " appeared in   which the simulator for writing the code was implemented in   Minecraft. The project was supported by public personalities of the caliber of Kobe Bryant, Mark Zuckerberg and Gabe Newell, after which   Google joined the business.

AND   now the guys with   Code.org shared joyful news for them   - the program " Hour code Minecraft " has already used 85   million people. It is clear that far from   everyone passed her   before   end, but   the figures are still impressive. If you decide, the course itself and the detailed guides to it lie here .

Why Minecraft

Because thanks to her   unusual mechanics is the ideal springboard for all sorts of experiments. A   thanks to the popularity of the game, these experiments are not   pass by the majority of people. For example, recently the game helped save the   Poland. Then the activists built   game an exact copy of the reserve, organized a stream on   tens of thousands of people, and   because   them   on   eyes sawed the whole forest. People were unhappy and   demanded that   authorities do not   do something   same in   reality.

Source: Code.org