HTC has installed another financial anti-record

By: Eugene Sherban | 08.03.2018, 11:48
HTC has installed another financial anti-record

The financial performance of HTC demonstrates the dynamics of the duck. February 2018 was the worst in   the financial plan for HTC for   the last 13 years.

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According to the financial report, in   February 2018, the company's revenue was 89.3   million   dollars. A   it's on   24% less than a month ago, which the company's financiers called extremely unsuccessful. AND   almost in   2 times less than a year ago. New smartphones the company has not yet   issues, and   The virtual reality market is not   So big to cover all the problems.


Analysts and   astrologers predict for the company one more month of suffering, while   the market does not   will release a new smartphone HTC U12 and   helmet virtual reality HTC Vive Pro. It will happen in   mid-late April.

How do u do   HTC

In a shaky financial situation, HTC has been for several years. For example, HTC's revenue for   December 2017 in   compared to   December 2016 fell on the   15.3%. A   this is minus $ 116.12   million profit. Almost immediately after that, the Taiwanese company sold part of Google's own assets for   $ 1.1   billion A   at   February 2018 Head of the mobile unit HTC Chiling Chang filed in   resign and   went to   free swimming   startup.

Source: DigiTimes