Hearing: Sony sends testers PlayStation 5

By: Eugene Sherban | 08.03.2018, 12:06
Hearing: Sony sends testers PlayStation 5

An authoritative journalist from   gamer get-together Markus Sellars shared a curious insider. He argues that some of the   his familiar developers received from   Sony Dev-Whales PlayStation 5.

This, in   in general , all the information from   Marcus. AND   as well as   any insider to her   you can both believe and   not   believe. But   here is the focus in   that in   Unlike   other game journalists, he   until almost   shot at   milk, and   all his insides about   SoulCalibur 6, Dark Souls: Remastered and   Black Ops 4 confirmed.

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When to wait for PS5

Precisely not   at   this year. Just a year ago, Sony introduced an improved version of PS4 Pro, so the hasty update is not yet available.   you need neither   players, nor   developers, nor   most Sony. Therefore, earlier analysts put the PS5 premiere on   2020, but   If the insider Marcus is confirmed, then   most likely a new console will appear on the   game show E3 in   2019 year.

Source: Twitter