Apple Music has a section with Ukrainian music

Here you can find   only songs on   Ukrainian, but   and   other popular compositions.

Apple Music has a section with Ukrainian music

AT   streaming service Apple Music has a new tab with   Ukrainian music   - The Sounds of   Ukraine. Users are invited to " plunge into   world of Ukrainian music " , having listened to the compositions of the best local performers   - from   timeless classics to   novelties of pop music .


What to listen to

Find The Sounds of   Ukraine in   section " Review " , the category " New Music " . On   There are several subsections: " Latest releases " , " Hot hits " , " Albums on   repeat " , " Playlists " and   " Artists " .

True, they are not represented here.   only songs on   Ukrainian language. Rather, it's a compilation of songs that listen to   Ukraine. For example, now in   section " Hot hits " " That, from   what's without a mind " Monatika, " Troll " group " Time and   Glass " , " This is my night "by Nastya Kamensky (NK), TDME group " Antitila " and   other