Employees of Apple Park complain that they constantly crash into glass walls

By: Eugene Sherban | 08.03.2018, 17:00
Employees of Apple Park complain that they constantly crash into glass walls

Is not   joke - have   the best in   the world of the office showed an unexpected problem. Because of the glass walls that predominate in the   the Apple Campus design suffers from employees. Someone just bruised his forehead, and   someone went to   ambulance   numerous cuts.

What happened

Messages about   injuries began to appear a couple of weeks ago. First in   network surfaced record in   which Apple employee told the operator 911 about   that his colleague walked through the glass wall and   was injured head: " He   is in   consciousness and   breathes, but   wound on   bleeds my head. " Another caller said he was trying to get through the door, but   the   he does not   it turned out   he   badly bruised his head. "It was terribly stupid"   - said an Apple employee.

How to solve the problem

Employees began to glue on   wall stickers, but   the management of Apple demanded to remove them, not commenting on the complaints of employees for the press. At the same time, Bloomberg notes that formally Apple violates the California law, according to which glass walls and   doors in   offices need to be labeled to avoid   traumatize employees.

What is Apple Park

Apple Park is a huge green area in   7 hectares, girded with a giant ring of   glass and   concrete. Here will work 12 thousand employees Apple, and   numerous campuses will fully provide energy to themselves thanks to solar panels. In fact, Apple Park, on   the erection of which was spent more than 5   billion dollars, was something like Jobs's death wish, which dreamed that the new office would become a mecca for creative employees.

Source: Bloomberg