Valve starts releasing games again!

By: Eugene Sherban | 10.03.2018, 12:02
Valve starts releasing games again!

The creators of one of the   the greatest video games in   of the history of humanity Half-Life (this is not   we   invented, and   Metacritic and   somewhere else 36 gaming publications) return to   sources! Head Valve Gabe Newell in   the time of presentation of the card game Artifact informed the audience that the company will again make games. AND   plans for   it is more than serious.

How so, Gabe?

After the release of Dota2 Valve was silent for almost 5 years, preferring to deal with its social network store Steam and   all that with   it is connected. A   namely the creation of the operating system Stream OS   and   joint with   HTC virtual reality helmet Vive. By   According to Gabe, all this was an investment in   The future, for the sake of which it was necessary to suffer. A   in   all to blame for Nintendo.

" We   always a little jealous of companies like Nintendo,   - explained to the audience Newell. -   When Shigeru Miyamoto sits and   thinks of   New " Zelde " or " Mario " , he   Imagine immediately what controller and   what kind of graphics he will need. "

What's next

Now, when u   Valve has the largest game store and   own VR   platform, you can move on. A   farther   - this is where? The first first project of the studio after the return will be a card game on   motives for Dota 2   - Artifact. Following   her mysterious single-player game, oh   which Gabe did not   told. Further, there will surely be several small BPs   projects to warm up interest in   until   shot platform virtual reality. The main thing is, do not ask him about Half-Life 3 so that, God forbid, you can not scare away.

Source: PC Gamer