On Steam came out a simulator of a pickup truck with a trainer similar to Jesus, and the other game of the week

By: Eugene Sherban | 12.03.2018, 13:21
On Steam came out a simulator of a pickup truck with a trainer similar to Jesus, and the other game of the week

Our author returned after an unsuccessful voyage in   Turkey,   - as it turned out there is no stand   very fond of, and   at   costume animator he   not   crawls. And he returned not with empty hands, but   with   fresh portion of choice game. If someone missed the previous issues, then   we remind that " Game "   - this is news, looking at   who think " this is definitely a joke of   parallel to the universe. " A   then it turns out that no, from   our. A   now back to   today's issue, in   which is waiting for you with   coils column Amazon Echo, smart toilet cover from   Xiaomi, unusual sex toys for PlayStation and   epic simulator of the pickup.

Smart assistant Amazon Alexa came down with   mind and   frightens the owners with an unexpected laughter

Users in   networks began to complain about   Amazon Echo   voice assistant Alexa. They say she seems to have gotten off with   mind and   periodically breaks down into   frightening hysterical laughter. Especially frightening, when this laughter   from   neither   from   this is included in the middle of the night. Some users suggest that laughter provokes some specific words in   people, because their   the column began to laugh in   time of conversation. Or in   meeting time. Others say that laughter was included in the middle of the night, when everyone was asleep. AT   In general, nothing is clear, but   pants have to change. See for yourself.

What are you   you know about   pain? The geek-inventor joins sex toys to   PS4 Gamepad


Gik-inventor Kyle Makulis dreams of gaining new experience in   video games and, if possible, come up with a new format for games. For this, Kyle has learned to crack sex toys like vibrators and   connect them   vibromotor gamepad, giving rise to a new kind of game controllers. Among them are " flashlights " for masturbation and   anal balls that vibrate in   especially intense moments of the game. Kyle is sure that the vibration in the usual gamepad does not give the player any new experience and generally useless. And with his controller, the player will think three times before draining the fight and getting a fatality in Mortal Kombat. If Kyle's idea fills, then   Sony will be required to release a special version of " Dark Souls: Prepare Your Ass Edition " with a controller from Kyle. They are made for each other.

Xiaomi released a clever cover for the toilet and   she is gorgeous


Xiaomi released simultaneously the most useful and   The most popular gadget in   history of mankind   - a clever cover for the toilet Tinymu Smart Toilet Seat. Why pontovuyu? Because she knows how to warm the toilet seat by   team with   smartphone, to combat   unpleasant smell   it has a special nozzle, and   console from   control the rim in   complexity is a bit inferior to the console from   home theater. A   still have   Tinymu Smart Toilet Seat has several modes of lighting and   rinsing, which can shine like fountains in Dubai. And they can be customized individually for each member of the family. AT   in general, this is the gadget that you want to brag to your friends , while you're standing in   queue for   Tesla.

AT   Apple's campus smashes its foreheads against glass walls


Is not   joke   - at   the best in   the world of the office showed an unexpected problem. Because of the glass walls that predominate in the   the Apple Campus design suffers from employees. Messages about   injuries began to appear a couple of weeks ago. First in   network, the   which Apple employee told the operator 911 about   that his colleague walked through the glass wall and   was injured head: " He   is in   consciousness and   breathes, but   wound on   bleeds my head. " Another caller said he was trying to get through the door, but   the   he does not   it turned out   he   badly bruised his head. "It was terribly stupid"   - said an Apple employee. AT   general, in order not to   repeat the fate of the heroes of " Saw " they began to glue stickers on   glass walls, but   management made them take pictures, so as not to   to spoil the design.

AT   Steam came out a simulator of a pickup, in   which is necessary to frame girls in order to pass to the next level

AT   Steam was another legendary game. It is called the simulator game of the pickup artist. Not   pickup, on   which is carried lamb, and   guy-pick-up , who " professionally " gets acquainted with   girls. The legendary feeling comes from   first   same frames, when they show us our Yodu   - a Jesus - like guy who sits on   beds in   surrounded by two girls, and gives a pretty strange advice such as "do not put your hands when you approach the girl." Considering that these are living actors and   they play as the best Russian series on   YouTube, it looks like the game is really fun. As for utility, here is one of the   reviews in   Steam from   beginning Harvey Weinstein. " I   used advice from   games on   his half-sister, a teacher for   mathematics and   dog, and   then I was arrested. Now I   I am writing this review from   prison cell " .