Belle: the world's first "smart" doorbell that talks to guests

By: Pavel Chuikin | 13.03.2018, 10:09
Belle: the world's first "smart" doorbell that talks to guests

On the crowdsfinding platform IndieGoGo is collecting money for the multifunction door bell Belle. In addition to its main function, the smart call serves as a security system, motion sensor and security camera.


Belle connects to Wi-Fi, 24 for 7 broadcasts an HD-image from its camera with a viewing angle of 170 degrees and night mode. When no one is home, an "intelligent" call marks any traffic near the door and shows the video to the owners on the smartphone wherever they are. Through the program it will be possible to communicate with the visitor even if the owners are not at home. If the tenant can not answer, the built-in voice assistant will speak with the visitor.

Built-in AI determines the faces of visitors and, if necessary, opens the doors to family members, friends or any other people from their base (for this opportunity you will have to buy a special lock).

Release date and price

The "clever" Belle door lock is now available for $ 169. The campaign to raise money is more than successful, so the first deliveries of new items will begin in April.


Of similar systems on the market, there is only the Amazon Key system - a series of gadgets, an intelligent call and a camera that connect to one system and received similar functions to Belle. The price of such a kit starts from $ 250.

Source: IndieGoGo