The Hubble Telescope captures two colliding galaxies

By: Eugene Sherban | 13.03.2018, 11:49
The Hubble Telescope captures two colliding galaxies

The European space agency has pleased the next rare photos with   The Hubble telescope. On   It depicts two spiral galaxies that are experiencing the process of merging.

Both galaxies on   photos are in   constellation of China and   are located on   350   millions of light years from   Of the Earth. On   It can be seen that the nuclei of these galaxies are still in   sufficient distance   from   friend, the form of both galaxies has already begun to deform under the influence of the most powerful gravitational forces.

As writes, the process of their   The merger is on   early stage and   continue in   millions of years, until they   merge into   homogeneous structure. Similar mergers   Is a common occurrence in   The universe, another thing is that to capture them   not   so   just.

Source: twitter