The Xiaomi dump truck with mechanical control costs less than $ 16

By: Bohdan Chub | 13.03.2018, 14:50
The Xiaomi dump truck with mechanical control costs less than $ 16

Xiaomi announced the children's designer Mitu Building Blocks Mining Truck, from which you can collect a reduced model of a mining dump truck. Unlike other robot transformers of the company, this kit does not contain any electronics.

How is it interesting?

If the child is carried away by complex mechanisms and overall technology, Mitu Building Blocks Mining Truck has every chance to become a favorite toy. The truck consists of more than 500 parts (by the way, compatible with LEGO), and at some points it is not so much different from the multi-ton giants. The front pair of wheels is rotated with a special "rudder", and the rear axle with the differential allows the wheels to rotate independently of each other. A mechanism for tipping the body is also provided.

When and how much?


In China, sales of the designer will begin on March 14. Mitu Building Blocks Mining Truck valued at 99 yuan, equivalent to $ 15.6. The company's lineup includes a smart set for assembling penguins, dogs and carts with a horse ($ 32 on the home market and $ 43 on AliExpress) and two top - end robot models valued at $ 110. Under this brand Xiaomi also produces an inexpensive cube-antistress for $ 4 .

Source: Xiaomi