Fitbit introduced its first fitness tracker for children - Ace

By: Bohdan Chub | 14.03.2018, 12:28
Fitbit introduced its first fitness tracker for children - Ace

In addition to new smart watches, Fitbit announced the first in the family children's smart bracelet Ace. In fact, this is a smaller version of the stylish tracker Fitbit Alta (review) with some features of the software.

Adoption to a healthy lifestyle


Fitbit Ace does not look like most gadgets for children, but the company focuses on the age of 8 years, when the younger generation is already trying to be like adults and not too interested in bright gadgets with Hello Kitty and Mickey Mouse. The device tracks the child's physical activity and keeps sleep statistics. The case is protected from splashes - the bracelet can not be removed in the shower, but you can not swim with it.

The account for Ace is created by the parents in the family account. They are provided with complete information, including the parameters of fat percentage and calories burned from the child. Children can compete with friends, and adults can control the contact list. Other social functions in Fitbit decided to remove, although at the age of 13 the teenager will be able to switch to a personal account with access to all the features of the application.


To synchronize, you can use your parents' smartphone, and if the child already has their own device, Fitbit Ace will notify you about incoming calls. On one charge, the bracelet will last about 5 days. Silicone straps are replaceable, only two colors are available: blue and purple.

How much is?

Sales of Fitbit Ace will begin in the second quarter, the company's website can already pre-order at a price of $ 100 or euro (depending on the region). This is twice cheaper than the new Fitbit Versa watches.

The device will help grow a new generation of users of fitness gadgets Fitbit, but in general, the bracelet was boring. In adults, trackers often remain dusty on the shelf, and with Fitbit Ace the same story can happen. The producer should pay more attention to gaming, rather than parental control.

Whether Xiaomi Mi Band 2 (from $ 24 to AliExpress ) is a bit smaller, and it would be a great alternative to Fitbit Ace.

Source: Fitbit