Google Lens is available for iOS devices

By: Igor Nikitin | 16.03.2018, 13:51
Google Lens is available for iOS devices

Last month, Google announced that the functions of the Lens application will be available for all Android and iOS devices. Some owners of smartphones with a "green robot" received an update, and the following - iOS users.

What is known

In her microblog on Twitter, Google announced that Lens will appear on Apple devices. Even today, users of iOS have a full version with all the buns.

In Google Lens built-in artificial intelligence, which can recognize objects in the photo. For example, if you take a picture of a book, Lens will call the author, prepare a description and indicate the nearest store where you can buy it. In the journey, the application will tell the story of the monuments and even save their location.

How it works

To check for an update, take a photo of the item, open the photo in Google Photos and look at the bottom row of icons. If your smartphone received an update, you will see the corresponding icon for image analysis.