And again it did not work out: critics spread the adaptation of "Lara Croft"

By: Eugene Sherban | 17.03.2018, 14:39
And again it did not work out: critics spread the adaptation of "Lara Croft"

Critics went to   premieres and   dopremernye restart "Lara Croft" and   put the expected diagnosis   - the film is not frankly   turned out, and   the genre of " cinema by   video game " is still cursed.

What do they say about   film

There is no plot, the story is boring and   trivial, beloved scum Tarantino Walter Goggins not   gave way to   the villain's role. AT   general, like   any movie by   games in   First of all, the writers merged. " The plot of the film owes a big debt to the picture " Indiana Jones and   the last crusade. " Dialogues are often clumsy, the motivation of the characters is far from being   clear, but   Vicander does enough to establish himself in the   roles and   To ensure the appearance of at least another   one adventure » ,   - writes columnist SCPM, who put the film 2.5 points from   5.

Rolling Stone and   NY   Post in   one voice defeated the very story of the film. Say, the film in   many scenes from   the same game of 2013, nothing   offering instead. NY   Post   same compares the film's script with   a hole through which the story follows through holes.

A   What about Lara?

Alicia Vikander, whose career took off after an excellent " From   Machines " tries. And very much tries. Her   young Lara only in   the beginning of her journey, she suffers, gets cuffs, tries to survive and   not   to screw up. AND   from   This role Vikander cope with   Hooray. " The film problem in   that the authors got rid of   image Croft as a glamorous Barbie adventurer , and   replaced it with   uninteresting Barbie. FROM   realistic approach Vikander all is well, but   he   fresh and   It is burdened with a sugary interpretation of the relationship between the father and   daughter "   - wrote a columnist StraitsTimes, which puts the film 2.5 points from   5.

The BBC so generally broke the film's approach to   fluff and   dust. Although Lara has always attracted appearance, her   the main weapon was. It is this combination and   made her   one of   icons of feminism. The new film refuses and   from   Lara's appearance, and   from   her   mind   - she regularly tupit and   fuses like it is not   Tomb raider, and   curator of the art gallery on   uninhabited island.

" Your main sworn enemy moves to   you through the canyon to   shaky, flimsy metal ladder, which he   threw it across the abyss. What do you   you will do in order not to   let him get over to   you? Start shaking the ladder to throw off the enemy or jump onto   her, at the risk of falling into   the abyss? If you   chose the first option, then, congratulations, you   smarter than Lara Croft "   - wrote the author of the BCC, adding that this is not a problem   the actress herself, and   the creators of the film.


And the audience as a whole liked

A   here are the viewers with   critics as usual do not   agree. Rather, they also compare a miniature Wicander with   adrenaline-laden Angelina Jolie and   scold the leaky script. But   while   IMDB   movie decent 7 points from   10 and   74% freshness on   Rotten Tomatoes.

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