Huawei puts on a resonant wireless charging AirFuel

By: Bohdan Chub | 19.03.2018, 20:34
Huawei puts on a resonant wireless charging AirFuel

Chinese giant Huawei has long ignored wireless charging in its smartphones, because it was not on the iPhone, it is noticeably inferior in speed wired version, but soon things can change. Specialists of the Huawei Watt Lab are already working on this technology, and at a local conference in Shenzhen they told about the most promising standard. And this is not Qi.

What do we have?

All modern smartphones, from the iPhone X and ending with Nokia 8 Sirocco, work with inductive charging Qi. The flagship Samsung and LG additionally support the PMA standard, but it differs from the main competitor only by the working frequency, and the principle is the same.

PMA inherited the AirFuel alliance, but the main technology of the organization will be wireless charging based on magnetic resonance, formerly known as Rezence and A4WP. It uses a higher frequency of 6.78 MHz (vs. 105-205 kHz) and allows you to increase the maximum charging distance. Developers already promise energy transfer of 5 centimeters, while existing solutions of the Qi standard do not exceed 1 centimeter.

Finally, with the AirFuel Resonant, the user does not need to strictly follow the charging and receiving coil orientation, and several gadgets can be charged at the same time. In Qi, it is worthwhile to move the smartphone slightly, and it can stop taking charge.

With all the advantages of a magnetic resonance system, while it is supported only by one commercial product - the Dell Latitude 7285 tablet-transformer with a keyboard serving as a charging station.

What does Huawei say?

In Huawei Watt Lab believe that the future of the AirFuel Resonant standard, but for the first time, chargers compatible with Qi will be produced. The Chinese giant also talked about ways to improve the efficiency of parallel charging of different devices. One of them is to place several transmitting coils inside the docking station - a similar approach is used in Apple AirPower .

If you believe the rumors, in a new generation of flagships manufacturer wireless charging will receive a premium Huawei P20 Porsche Edition . The supported standards are not specified.