Chinese with the help of drones threw the iPhone for $ 80 million

By: Bohdan Chub | 30.03.2018, 21:10
Chinese with the help of drones threw the iPhone for $ 80 million

The Shenzhen Customs Service detained 26 smugglers who used drones to deliver the iPhone from Hong Kong. The cost of seized contraband is estimated at 500 million yuan or about $ 79.6 million.

What happened?


As they reported at the customs, the restored iPhone was moved in sacks hanging to the drone, each of which housed up to a dozen smartphones. Drone (judging by the photos, the model of the DJI Phantom 4 series with camouflage) over and over again crossed the 200-meter strait between Hong Kong and mainland China. Thus, overnight criminals smuggled up to 15,000 devices.

In China, this is the first case of smuggling across the border with the use of drones. Here, the Americans turned out to be quicker - last year the US police arrested a man who delivered 5.8 kg of methamphetamine from Mexico to the drones. Ukrainians do not lag behind and trade by "air" export of blocks of cigarettes to Hungary.

Will fight

The authorities of Shenzhen are going to strengthen border control and purchase new equipment that will better track illegal transportation of goods using modern technology.

Last year, China introduced mandatory registration of UAVs weighing 250 grams. To go to these measures was due to the growing number of invasions of drones on the territory of airports.

Source: Reuters

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