It turns out that Google Chrome secretly scans files on the user's computer

By: Eugene Sherban | 04.04.2018, 12:02
It turns out that Google Chrome secretly scans files on the user's computer

Expert on   cyber security Kelly Shortridge suddenly discovered that the Google Chrome browser regularly digs into   documents and   personal files on   the hard drive.

In   digging time in   code, Kelly found that the browser scans files only for   computer with   Windows. All files on the   disk in   including documents from   user folders   related to   system functions or installation of software.

It is worth   Do I have to worry?

Watching how you   refer to   information security in   network. AT   Google says that it is not   worth it. Fans of caps from   foil will say the opposite. AT   Google explained that in   Last year they added   Chrome Scanner Cleanup Tool with   built-in ESET algorithms, which   week " drives " the files to   computer to catch unwanted software   and   "To do surfing in   networks are cleaner. " AT   companies assured that the instrument is not   is able to see user photos or read documents. Nege does not even have administrator rights.

Considering that in   Based on the CleanUP Tool lie ESET's algorithms, in fact, Chrome users received a free antivirus on   minimals. Another question is that almost none of the   Chrome users about   knew this, and   after a scandal with   Facebook people with   are cautious about   any possible intrusion into   his private life. Therefore, the network has already begun massive calls for the removal of the browser.

Source: Motherboard