Intel introduced the first 6-core processors for laptops

By: Eugene Sherban | 04.04.2018, 12:49
Intel introduced the first 6-core processors for laptops

On   the   Beijing representatives of Intel introduced the 8th generation of mobile Core processors. In total, 11 processors were announced on   the new architecture of Coffee Lake. The good half of   them   - mobile " shestyanitaderniki. " The first in   world, by the way.

What is interesting about the new line?

In addition to the 6 cores, the architecture has changed noticeably. AT   compared to   processors of the previous generation, the new Coffee Lake has become more powerful in almost   one and a half times. At the same frequencies and   identical discrete graphics card, they are   41% more powerful in   video games and   on   59% are coping with   processing 4K-video .

A   thanks to reduced power consumption, they are much better dispersed (note: this is the process of increasing the processor clock speed). TO   example top Intel Core i9-8950HK with   6 cores runs on   frequency of 2.9 GHz, but   from   Using the utility Turbo Boost accelerates 4.8 GHz. 5 - 6 years ago it was   it would be easier to believe in   The existence of Chupacabras, rather than   such overclocking.


How much and   when to expect

Behind   such power will have to be paid. For example, he himself   the top-end i9-8950HK will cost $ 583. AT   the composition of the laptop-monster MSI GT75 Titan will have to pay $ 3,999. The cheapest " six-core " on   Coffee Lake starts with   price tag in   $ 395. Laptops with the new Coffee Lake will appear on sale very soon - in April-May this year.

More about   prices for   new processors and   laptops with   they can be found on   site of Intel .

Source: Intel