Asus introduced the Strix Pro Gaming Headset

By: Alex Chub | 22.05.2014, 14:08
Asus introduced the Strix Pro Gaming Headset

The company Asus has created another line of products aimed at a gamer audience called Strix and released the first headset from this line of Strix Pro Gaming Headset. The headset has a rather exotic and angular design and 130 mm ear cups. According to the manufacturer, thanks to them and proprietary technology, 90% of external noise is cut off.

The headphones use 60-mm speakers with neodymium magnets, the range of reproducible frequencies is 20 - 20 000 Hz, the impedance is 32 Ohm, the sensitivity is 98 dB. The removable, omni-directional microphone has a sensitivity of -40 ± 3 dB, the frequency range is 50 - 16,000 Hz. The total length of the cable with fabric braiding is 2.7 m: the main 1.2 m and the extension 1.5 m, which has a remote control and a microphone for noise reduction.

The headset is compatible with mobile devices, computers and the PS4 console. Weight without cable - 320 g.

Source: Techpowerup