WhatsApp chat rooms found a hole through which you can steal data

By: Eugene Sherban | 06.04.2018, 11:24
WhatsApp chat rooms found a hole through which you can steal data

A group of researchers from   Lausanne Polytechnic School found in   The WhatsApp messenger, which allows you to steer from   messenger other's personal information. The most interesting thing is that for the sake of this, not even   you need to hack anything.

How vulnerability works

AT   group chat WhatsApp there is a limit on   number of persons   - up to   256. However,   You can also add it using a special invitation link . AND   as it turned out, this link is fairly easy to find with   using Google search. Thus, for   6th   months of the experiment, researchers collected data from almost 50 thousand users from   178 public groups   - phone numbers, images, videos and   links that the participants in the conversation shared. All this can then be used for phishing or spam mailing .

How to protect yourself

Given that only 2   months ago at   WhatsApp had problems with   encryption keys, then   the best protection against   hacking into   WhatsApp   Is immigration to   Telegram. Not   prostast is loved by potential terrorists and   dragdillers. A   Seriously, then   at   WhatApp is not yet   commented on the news. Therefore, all the advice   the same: observe the banal Internet hygiene . Not   share personal information with   by horrible, not   click on   suspicious links and   do selfie in   bathroom on   SLR camera. A   at   the rest of Google with   Facebook and   so all about   they know us.

Sources: Venturebeat