Blogger rummaged in the filling of the smartphone ZTE Axon with two screens

By: Eugene Sherban | 06.04.2018, 11:59
Blogger rummaged in the filling of the smartphone ZTE Axon with two screens

Fronts and   folding smartphones   Is the current goal of almost all smartphone manufacturers. But   while   We do not have the technology to create strong and   flexible displays company ZTE in   Last year released an experimental smartphone Axon M   from   two screens. AND   here's an amateur to disassemble everything and   break with   YouTube channel JerryRigEverything still got to   Inside the Axon.

What we   learned

The most important thing   - it is internally he   almost not   differs from   conventional smartphones. In fact, this is a standard smartphone, to   which was attached an additional screen. Virtually the entire filling is collected in   one of   half, and   in   the second is just a display. Both are interconnected by a pair of screws and   one single connecting cable. By   According to the blogger this is a pretty elegant solution for   which does not   found a worthy use. Judging by   rather low sales it was more a toy for exhibitions than a mass product.

More about   ZTE Axon M

ZTE Axon M   received two 5, 2-inch Full HD-screen . If the device is decomposed, then   the diagonal of the big screen will be 6.75 inches   resolution of 1920 × 2160 pixels. AT   folded state the novelty works in   Dual mode   Is a feature rich smartphone feature,   each screen which you can run your application or game. AT   In the Extended mode, both displays are   one for more convenient viewing of videos, surfing in   networks and   Other tasks that require an increased screen size. AT   Mirror mode, both displays broadcast the same picture to use the gadget by a group of people who can look at the   two screens with   different sides. Finally, the standard mode provides for the classic operation of the device, as a normal smartphone with   one display. All this works under Snapdragon 821 with   4 gigabytes of RAM.