Uber will develop a bicycle rental market

By: Eugene Sherban | 11.04.2018, 13:01
Uber will develop a bicycle rental market

Developing the idea of ​​unmanned taxis in   Uber keep in   head and   other options. So after cooperation with   start-up on   Bicycle rental JUMP bosses Uber decided to fork out and   take JUMP under your wing.

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The amount of the transaction is estimated at   200   million   dollars. Behind   This money Uber will receive a developed bicycle infrastructure on the   40 cities with   a park in   12 thousand electric bicycles. Well   and   quite good prospects   - The global bike rental market is growing by about   20% in   year, and   to   2020, its turnover will be from   3.6 to   5.3   billions of dollars. Therefore, in   Uber look forward and   plan to combine several types of transport in   one application.

What is JUMP and   and here Uber

JUMP   - it's almost Uber, only instead of a taxi in   You can order a bicycle. You can pick it up at   the nearest parking lot, and   leave in   any zone of the city, simply fastened with a bike lock. The main advantage of JUMP over other " bikes "   - this is an opportunity to leave the bike anywhere. Have   Most competitors like the GoBikes bike need to be left on   special bike parking. Plus, the bike itself is equipped with GPS and   docking station , so to work with   he only needs a smartphone. The rent will be $ 2 for   half an hour's drive.

AT   February Uber and   JUMP announced   cooperation in   San Francisco, after which the button " order a bicycle " appeared in   application Uber. After 2   Jump management hoped to attract investment from   The older brother's side, but   Uber, apparently, was so pleased that they bought the whole company.

Source: TechCrunch