Smart HomePod column does not live up to Apple's expectations

By: Eugene Sherban | 13.04.2018, 11:57
Smart HomePod column does not live up to Apple's expectations

According to Bloomberg, the smart HomePod column is not   Apple's expectations, so the company reduces them   production.


The latest marketing reports say that   HomePod do not go   highly. After 2   months after the   market, Apple was able to win only 10% of the   market smart columns. FROM   on the one hand, this is not   so   and   a little for two months. FROM   On the other hand, when the sensation subsided,   no and   interest of buyers and   now many shops sell in   district 10 HomePod in   day. Looking at   it's in   Apple revised its forecasts and   reduced orders for   HomePod assembly   contractors from   Inventec.


What is the problem

Because u   Apple's advertisers ran out of manna and   their   magic does not   worked. AND   not   is not   surprisingly with   price tag in   $ 349 for   One column plus another about a hundred for   so that this column does not   scratched the desk. For comparison, the Amazon Echo column of the second generation costs $ 99, and   Google Home addition   same class will cost   $ 129. At the same time, they can do much more than just play music with Apple Music or read aloud messages from the iPhone. In this case, HomePod seriously wins   them for   sound quality score, but   again   for   This money is a bunch of just portable speakers from   JBL and   others.