Amazon released its mobile browser

By: Elena Shcherban | 18.04.2018, 20:39
Amazon released its mobile browser

Amazon has released its browser with   laconic title   - Internet. The application appeared in   Google Play back in   March, but   since in   Amazon is not   made an official statement on the   This was noticed only now.

What the   browser

This browser is created for " weak " smartphones and   regions with   poor access to   net. He weighs   total 2   MB, so it can be compared with   " Light " versions of popular applications Facebook Lite, YouTube Go   or Gmail Go. They work this way   same as   " Older " versions, but   occupy less space and   optimized for unevenly connected   the Internet.

Besides, in   Amazon says that the Internet has an increased level of privacy protection and   confidentiality. is he   supports private bookmarks without saving the history of visits and   not   collects personal data of users. " Quick, easy and   private " ,   - that's how they describe their browser in   Amazon.

Where works

Browser from   Amazon is working on   smartphones with   OS   Android 5.0 and   higher, but   while only in   India.

Download the app for free at   Google Play. Now his rating in   app store   - 4.3.

While it is not known when the Internet will appear in the   other countries.

Source: TechCrunch