Sales of the PlayStation 4 exceeded 76 million (but began to fall)

By: Bohdan Chub | 27.04.2018, 20:45
Sales of the PlayStation 4 exceeded 76 million (but began to fall)

PlayStation 4 gaming systems were the peak of sales. In fiscal year 2017, Sony sold 19 million consoles, but this is one million fewer than a year earlier.

The rate of 100 million

As of the end of March 2018, 76.1 million consoles of the current generation were sold in the world. In the next 12 months, Sony plans to put another 16 million, so somewhere in 2019 the Japanese company will release a one hundred millionth PlayStation 4 (although it may be PS4 Pro). And there is already before the release of PlayStation 5 near.

Meanwhile, the demand for games continues to grow. During the year, 246.9 million copies were sold, compared to 217.9 million in 2016. Of these, 32% fall on digital downloads. In this quarter, Sony also expects good results thanks to the exclusive God of War.

An impressive growth was also shown in the PlayStation Plus service - the number of subscribers grew by 23% to 34.2 million users.

The annual revenue of the Game & Network Services division was $ 17.7 billion, which is 17.8% more than last year's result. Operating profit jumped 30.8% to $ 1.6 billion. Today, this is Sony's second most profitable business, second only to financial services.

What are the competitors?

According to unofficial data, in February 2018, Microsoft sold about 36.6 million Xbox One - half as much as Sony. And Nintendo is reaping the benefits of Switch's popularity and plans to sell 20 million hybrid consoles in the new fiscal year.

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