Google Doodle Celebrates Georges Méliès Day

By: Pavel Chuikin | 03.05.2018, 08:48
Google Doodle Celebrates Georges Méliès Day

A new Google doodle is dedicated to the French illusionist and director Georges Méliès . He is considered the founder of cinematography, invented a lot of technical and artistic techniques, one of the first to use special effects and shoot films in the science fiction genre.

The genius of cinema

Georges Melles was a cartoonist, magician animator, theater manager, decorator, comedian, writer, actor and technician. Director for his career has shot more than 500 paintings and built a glass pavilion, which became the world's first film studio.

Melles revolutionized the cinema. In the time of the birth of cinema, he combined the Robert-Ouden universe with the techniques of chronography and cinematography of Mare and the Lumiere brothers. In his films, the director foretold the landing on the moon and the construction of the Tunnel under the English Channel. Meles was also an excellent actor and a mime, so he was shot in almost all of his films.

The festive doodle from Google, dedicated to the day of Georges Méliès, can be viewed on a smartphone, the Cardboard or Daydream points. To do this, download a special application from the shops of Google Play or the App Store . If there is no such possibility, a panoramic video is presented below.