Instagram has its own payment system

By: Elena Shcherban | 05.05.2018, 12:13
Instagram has its own payment system

AT   Instagram quietly introduced the function of built-in payments, which was promised as early as   Last year. However, while the payment system is only being tested: it appeared at   some users and   only in   USA.

How to use

AT   settings of the application can be   profile bank cards, then you need to enter a PIN-code for security. Then you can pay for goods and   services without transition from   Instagram on   site of the seller or entering information about the   payment. The purchase history will be saved.


AT   Instagram confirmed the testing of the payment system and   reported that with   With it, users can book a table in   restaurant or register in   salon and   immediately pay off. AT   further   profile you can buy a ticket to   cinema, on   concert or pay for other services.

Where did it work?

While the new feature is available for a limited number of partners. For example, in   their   number of services for searching and   reservation of tables in   restaurants Resy.

When the payment system becomes available to all users and   behind   outside the United States   - is still unknown. AT   Instagram with   official statement on   about starting the system   they hurry.

Source: TechCrunch