In some iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, microphones stopped working: what to do

" Seven " with   iOS 11.3 and   newer disconnect microphones in   time of conversations. AT   Apple is aware of   this problem and   ready to repair defective smartphones.

In some iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, microphones stopped working: what to do

AT   The last time owners of iPhone 7 and   7 Plus began to complain about   malfunction with   microphones of smartphones. Now   same   Apple itself acknowledged this problem and   told what to do in   such cases.

AT   than the problem

In   time of phone calls and   video chat, the smartphone's microphone mutes, but you can not turn on the speakerphone   - the corresponding icon on the   display does not   is active. This problem occurs in   iOS 11.3 and   newer.

The company told about   these problems in   an internal document that was sent to authorized service centers. Edition MacRumors managed to get a copy of this document.

What to do

First, users are advised to turn off Bluetooth headsets , headphones or   other accessories. If it is not   helped   - Audio diagnostics are necessary. AT   case, if after it appears a system notification like " accessory is not   " or " the device is not   can detect the docking station »   - without repair is not   do without.

Employees of service centers should repair such iPhone, and   The availability of a guarantee is not   certainly. True, in   document is not   to be specified, will be   whether such repair is free.

Source: MacRumors