Microsoft opens the studio to create a completely new AAAA game

The closer we are to the E3 2018, the more interest begins to surface.

Microsoft opens the studio to create a completely new AAAA game

Microsoft plans to open a studio that will work on a new IP. At least, Variety says this, referring to the publication of vacancies.

What is known

Microsoft is looking for the chief software manager who will lead the new studio in Santa Monica. The candidate is required to "know and understand the processes of building a new IP". Experience in creating "high-quality projects of AAAA class" with 10-year experience in "gambling business" is also welcomed.

According to GameRant , the studio in Santa Monica will work on a new franchise. In addition, the candidate must have "experience with live ops and multiplayer." Live ops - cosmetic improvements and daily tasks that occur in conditionally free games.

What does it mean

Microsoft often hears criticism in its address about the lack of exclusives. The new studio should fix this situation. In addition, the company hired the creator of Tomb Rider Darrell Gallagher, but it is not known whether the designer will be part of the new studio. It is noteworthy that the last time Gallagher was seen in the office of Activision, which is also located in Santa Monica.

Perhaps this is no accident, and Gallagher will join the new studio to help Microsoft create a new IP. It is possible that the project will be linked or inspired by the Tomb Rider. Such an Uncharted from Microsoft.