Bethesda tizerite new game with a rocket with purple smoke

By: Igor Nikitin | 11.05.2018, 17:15
Bethesda tizerite new game with a rocket with purple smoke

Bethesda plans the longest presentation on the E3. At least this was stated by the vice-president of marketing Pete Hines. Apparently, the company has prepared something interesting, and not another reissue of Skyrim. Intrigue adds and a new post Bethesda on Twitter.

What is known

The company has published three diverse photos that combine purple color. The second detail is the numbers. The hands of the Big Ben clock point to 5:14, and the same numbers are plotted on the rocket's body. Perhaps Bethesda is trying to hint at the announcement, which will be held on May 14.

What will be shown

One can only guess what Bethesda has prepared, but two projects come to mind.

In April 2018, the network merged a photo with a signboard on which the company logo and the name of the game - Starfield. It is noteworthy that the next is the inscription The Elder Scrolls. It is not known whether the new project is related to the "ancient scrolls" universe, but, Screen Rant reports that the project has been developed since 2008. On the space theme of the new project, a rocket with purple smoke is also pushing.

The second project is Rage 2, information about which Walmart recently merged. Usually, developers do not comment on such incidents, but not this time. On the official Twitter account of the game there was a post in which Bethesda joked over the sink. In the eyes immediately rush the purple letters and the Rage logo.

We are waiting as usual

If our guesses are confirmed, then we are waiting for the announcement on Monday, May 14. If the deductive method did not work, then we bet on E3 2018, which will be held on June 9. There, according to Hines, the audience is waiting for the longest conference Bethesda.