"Turn the genre of action": the creators of Bayonetta teaser new secret game

By: Igor Nikitin | 14.05.2018, 09:51
"Turn the genre of action": the creators of Bayonetta teaser new secret game

After the closure of Scalebound and a quarrel with Microsoft, developers from Platinum Games hid from the information field, but they did not lose time in vain. Boss PG Atsushi Inaba said that the studio is working on Bayonetta 3 and a new action project.

What is known

Inaba told DualShockers that the unknown game "will turn the genre of action on the head." The project is at an early stage of development, and some employees of Platinum Games do not know about its existence. The studio also works on Bayonetta 3 and two more projects for PlayStation Link: Lost Order and Granblue Fantasy Project.

The head of PG added that you should not wait for projects with a large budget. This is more likely to be a medium-cost game.

"We can not put together a project of the AAA class and $ 10 million, because we do not have that much money for independent development. In any case, we do not plan to go into "indie" with a couple of people in the team who make the game. It will be something average, about 20 people in the state, it will be reasonable to create a game, "he said.

If you forgot

Platinum Games has become famous not only because of a quarrel with Microsoft. In 2009, the developers created Bayonetta, which is considered a benchmark among slashers. The players also remembered the studio for Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance and Nier: Automata. The latter entered the top ten games of 2017.