Bethesda showed the gameplay of Rage 2 and told about the world of the game

By: Igor Nikitin | 16.05.2018, 08:33
Bethesda showed the gameplay of Rage 2 and told about the world of the game

After a week's hype from a series of sinks and teasers, Bethesda announced Rage 2. At first gamers were pampered by a trailer with live actors who set the mood for madness and post-apocalyptic frenzy. Now the publisher showed the first gameplay trailer, which delivered no worse than the announcement.

What is known

In the gameplay trailer we were told the prehistory of the world of Rage 2. The plot of the game begins after the fall of the asteroid, which destroyed 80% of humanity. "A few decades after the destruction of the asteroid, most of the land became an inexorable and wild place where bloodthirsty groups compete for control over precious resources. There were pockets of civilization claiming their place in the world, but the world they managed to achieve is in jeopardy. "

Main character

You are the Walking, the last Ranger from Vineland, who will fight for survival in the insane open world of Rage 2. Guns, cars and "strange forces" will help him with this. The main task is to overthrow the current authoritarian regime.

The Ranger Arsenal is not limited to cannons, which it can improve. Inside the fighters, Arkist's blood flows, which allows them to use special skills. The problem is that the current government is hunting for the blood, and the main character was the only surviving Ranger.

When to expect

Bethesda did not name the exact release date, but the release of Rage 2 is scheduled for the spring of 2019. The number of confirmed platforms includes PS4, XONE and PC. More gameplay we will see during the Bethesda conference on E3 2018 , June 10 at 04:30 in Kiev.

Source: Bethesda