A major update for the isometric action-RPG Last Epoch, Harbingers of Ruin, has been released

By: Anton Kratiuk | 10.07.2024, 15:11

Developers from Eleventh Hour Games have released the first major update for the fantasy action-RPG Last Epoch, which came out of Early Access in early 2024 and became a serious competitor to Diablo 4 and Path of Exile.

Here's What We Know

Patch 1.1 was named Harbingers of Ruin and introduces many important and interesting changes to the game. The full list of innovations is available on the game forum, and we will highlight just a few of them:

  • Abberoth boss - will be the most difficult opponent in the game, you can fight him only after defeating ten new bosses from the Monolith of Fate;
  • the roll mechanic is available for all heroes and does not require unlocking;
  • with the Nemesis mechanic, players will be able to obtain special rewards looted from fallen warriors throughout the game world;
  • the Forgotten Knights faction will appear, which provides bonuses to Nemesis;
  • improved progression system in Monolith;
  • redesigned boss defence mechanics.

So far Last Epoch is available only on Steam, but the developers plan to release console versions.

Source: Last Epoch