XIAOMI MIJIA SOLOVE P1: electric insect trap

By: Elena Shcherban | 29.02.2020, 10:28
XIAOMI MIJIA SOLOVE P1: electric insect trap

The folk wisdom says: Thatch your roof before the rain begins. We also offer to start preparing for Summer buying a necessary thing - electrical trap XIAOMI MIJIA SOLOVE P1 which is sold on AliExpress. Keep in mind the way from China - the first annoying mosquitoes may appear untill it arrives.

What it is

This is electric swatter to kill mosquitoes, gnats and flies, made in the form of a conventional flapper. But you do not have to chase for mosquitoes around the room, developing your vision in the dark and samurai skills - XIAOMI MIJIA SOLOVE P1 does everything for you.

The device is equipped with 14 LEDs having a wavelength of ultraviolet rays 395-400 nanometers. Therefore, the insects themselves fly to the light, falling into the trap: the grid under 2000 - 3000 voltage immediately kills them with current.

Besides, you can use a flyswatter in an old-fashioned manner, but in this case the force of the impact will be increased also by current.

The device is absolutely safe for people: extra grilles protect from accidental contact with the electrified grid, UV light does not affect vision, and the flyswatter does not produce any odor or harmful chemicals.

The device can be taken out. Inside mounted battery capacity of 2000 mAh which provides up to 30 days of battery life, depending on the selected mode. The mosquito repellent mode one charge will last for 8 hours. Swatter is charged through a docking station.


You can buy XIAOMI MIJIA SOLOVE P1 on AliExpress for $ 26.26.

Source: by AliExpress