Volkswagen plans to stop selling classic cars by 2035

By: danserov | 27.06.2021, 14:41
Volkswagen plans to stop selling classic cars by 2035

Volkswagen's sales manager Klaus Sellmer told a German newspaper that by 2035 the company plans to completely exit the business of selling cars with internal combustion engines. The company plans to give up conventional cars and completely switch to the production of electric cars between 2033 and 2035.

Changes in China and the United States will be slightly delayed, while South America and Africa will wait "seriously longer" for the transition, the board member said.

Zellmer also noted that in 2030, 70% of all sales of the company should be electric vehicles, and by 2050 Volkswagen plans to switch all its products to electric motors. 

Why did they decide so?

A number of European countries have decided to get rid of traditional cars over the next 50 years: Norway will ban internal combustion engines by 2025, France by 2040, Britain by 2050. Automotive manufacturers are adapting to the current situation and reducing the production of gasoline and diesel cars. 

Source: Reuters