Microsoft will ban Outlook users from sending "indifferent" emails

By: Yuriy Stanislavskiy | 19.08.2021, 15:57
Microsoft will ban Outlook users from sending "indifferent" emails

Microsoft is developing a new feature for its Outlook email service that should minimize the possibility of miscommunication between colleagues. According to a new entry in the company's product roadmap, the Outlook web client will soon feature a tone detector.

"Microsoft's Outlook web editor will now suggest clarification in an email and suggest the tone of a conversation," the post explains.

Without voice intonation, body language and facial cues that add context to interactions, nuance is often lost and the intended tone is misinterpreted. For example, sarcasm is much harder to convey through written channels, and feedback is difficult to articulate without appearing overly critical.

In theory, Outlook's tone detector will give users the ability to review messages that may have been written in haste or frustration, and make changes if necessary - for diplomacy purposes.

Microsoft is still putting the final touches on the new feature, which should become available to users next month. The list of supported languages has not been published yet, but we can be sure that English support will be announced beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Source: microsoft