DJI's next steadicam will also become a selfie stick

By: Yuriy Stanislavskiy | 02.09.2021, 10:49
DJI's next steadicam will also become a selfie stick

It looks like DJI is preparing to release a new steadicam (aka gimbal) for smartphones. The leak shared by WinFuture resource shows Osmo Mobile 5. The highlight of this model is the telescopic mechanism, which allows you to extend the design.

According to the idea, this will give buyers Osmo Mobile 5 more options for photo and video layout. According to the publication, the device will cost 159 euros (about $188) and will be about 6.7 inches (about 17 cm) tall when folded.

Judging by the images provided by WinFuture, it doesn't look like the Osmo Mobile 5 extends as far as more affordable selfie sticks, but that's probably for the best, as the weight of the smartphone and the magnetic mounting system included would make  a cumbersome mechanism at best, and prone to breakage at worst.

Unfortunately, it looks like the flexibility of the design will come at the price of battery life. The new model can reportedly last 6 hours and 20 minutes on a single charge. By comparison, the Osmo Mobile 4's 2,450mAh battery provides up to 15 hours of use.

Source: winfuture