Segway unveils Navimow GPS-enabled robotic lawnmower [video]

By: Yuriy Stanislavskiy | 06.09.2021, 13:45
Segway unveils Navimow GPS-enabled robotic lawnmower [video]

Segway, known primarily as the pioneer of electric scooters, has introduced its first robotic lawnmower, Navimow. Its key difference is the use of GPS, which allows the robot to stay on your lawn and keep it neatly mowed. Unlike other robotic lawnmowers, you don't have to install a separation wire to keep the robot in the right area of grass.

Segway claims that its Exact Fusion location system keeps Navimow in "precise positions" with an accuracy of two centimeters. If the GPS signal is temporarily weak, Navimow is equipped with sensors to help it continue to mow within a given radius.

Navimow is equipped with offset blades whose design allows it to mow as close to the edges of the lawn as possible. Blade Halt technology can detect both pets, toys or children in the grass and instantly stop the rotation of the blades. Although Segway claims the Navimow can "withstand rain, heavy splashing and high-pressure water jets," sensors guide it back to the charging station when it starts raining.

Navimow can traverse gradients of up to 45 degrees on lawns and is relatively quiet, with a noise level of 54 dB. Segway offers four Navimow models, starting with the H500E, which can be used on lawns up to 500 square metres and costs €1,199.

Navimow H800, priced at €1,499, is designed for lawns up to 800 square metres; H1500E can mow lawns up to 1,500 square metres and costs €1,999; H3000E can mow lawns up to 3,000 square metres and costs €2,499.

A surprising fact: something interesting and useful from the world of technology is on sale and available in Europe, but Segway has not yet reported even approximate data on the appearance of the novelty in the United States. In our latitudes this robot is also unlikely to become a hit, but if you read gg and you have a lawn - something to think about.

Source: segwaytheverge