Windows 11's dark mode will add "soothing" sounds [listen]

By: Yuriy Stanislavskiy | 06.09.2021, 13:51
Windows 11's dark mode will add "soothing" sounds [listen]

As the Windows 11 release date approaches ( gg editorial reminds us that it's October 5), Microsoft is starting to talk about some new features on the system. This time it's new sounds for dark mode.

Applying design themes to a Windows computer is an incredibly common attribute that at one time (ooldy here?) required third-party apps to change the look of the desktop. However, macOS trends such as dark mode and ever-changing wallpaper depending on the time of day have made Microsoft realize that Windows themes require more attention than previous attempts.

That's why the company will add separate sound packages for Windows 11's light and dark modes. The idea is that this will give a better feel to the interaction atmosphere with the system depending on the settings and time of day selected.

If, for example, when moving files into different folders a high-tone sound is played, there are users who may find it inconsistent with the overall theme when dark mode is selected. Microsoft has created ten different sounds for light mode and dark mode in Windows 11, each with its own unique tone.

You can listen to them at without registration or SMS.

Source: bleepingcomputer

Illustration: microsoft