Logitech introduces new 'Tap' devices focused on remote and in-person meetings

By: Yuriy Stanislavskiy | 16.09.2021, 11:17
Logitech introduces new 'Tap' devices focused on remote and in-person meetings

This week, Logitech announced two new devices focused on remote meetings to help users join and manage online conferences from some of today's most popular platforms. While Logitech Tap IP is a networked conference room controller, Tap Scheduler is designed to work as a "meeting scheduling panel for any conference room."

Logitech Tap IP

The Logitech Tap IP has a 10.1" screen and a system ready to integrate with platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Ring Central. By connecting to these platforms, users can create or join meetings directly from the Logitech Tap IP.

The device can be placed on a desk or even on a wall thanks to the integrated VESA mount. One Power over Ethernet (PoE) cable provides power and network connectivity. Of course, it can also be connected to the network via Wi-Fi. With a built-in motion sensor, the Tap IP is, in the company's words, "always ready to go".

Logitech Tap Scheduler

Another product announced by the company is the Logitech Tap Scheduler, which, as the name suggests, helps users manage their personal appointments. The Tap Scheduler is ideal for corporate environments as it can easily be placed on the wall to indicate upcoming and current meetings.

The device works with Microsoft Room, Zoom, Robin and Meetio platforms to display details of scheduled events.

Price and Availability

According to Logitech, the Tap IP and Tap Scheduler devices will be available this fall for $699 each. Compatibility with other platforms will be added in future updates, and the devices are expected to be available worldwide.

Source: logitech