Huawei dropped out of the global top 6 in the smartphone segment

By: Yuriy Stanislavskiy | 23.09.2021, 13:03
Huawei dropped out of the global top 6 in the smartphone segment

Analysts report changes in the smartphone market. Renowned Huawei, which is under US sanctions, has dropped out of the top six leading players, according to Counterpoint data for the second quarter of 2021.

The top five spots in the global smartphone market are held by Samsung (18% market share), Xiaomi (16%), Apple (15%), Oppo (10%) and Vivo (10%) respectively. In 6th place is young Chinese brand Realme (5%), which displaced Huawei.

Realme appeared in 2018, offering budget smartphones Oppo under another name. Gradually, the company's devices began to evolve independently from Oppo, and there are currently no fully identical models from the two brands.

Realme initially started its expansion from the Indian market, where it competed with the budget Xiaomi Redmi, and in 2019, the brand entered other markets.

Between the third quarter of 2018 and the second quarter of 2021, sales of smartphones and other gadgets under the Realme brand averaged 15 million units per quarter and grew by 135.1% during that period.

Realme currently operates in 60 markets and is one of the top five brands in 20 of them. Specifically, Realme ranks fifth in Europe. This has affected Huawei, which has been displaced by the new brand.

Huawei has been under US sanctions since 2019. The company was forced to sell its Honor division and today, with the exception of a few models, has almost completely restricted smartphone production.

Source: counterpointresearch