Amazon Astro: the first robot that can bring you beer

By: Elena Shcherban | 28.09.2021, 21:54
Amazon Astro: the first robot that can bring you beer

Amazon held a presentation today where unveiled a compact home robot called Astro.

What can he do


Cute robot Amazon Astro is designed to keep an eye on your home and make your life easier. It has a touch screen display that shows "the eyes" the robot, and a camera on a bracket about a meter high. The body has a special compartment where you can put somethingto give to another person.

Astro can recognize host faces, understands voice commands like Alexa, can tell the weather, play your favorite track or connect with family or friends via video chat.

It also moves around your home, but like  the robot vacuum cleaner, you can set restricted areas where the road is closed, or activate "do not disturb"mode to limit movement.

"We believe that in five to ten years, every home will have at least one robot", - said Dave Limp, senior vice president of devices and services, on stage.

How much?

At launch, Amazon Astro will cost $1000, after which the price will rise to $1450. Moreover, the robot will not be freely available - only certain customers will be able to buy it, and then in the USA.

Source: Amazon