Following OnePlus Nord 2 smartphones, chargers started exploding

By: Elena Shcherban | 28.09.2021, 22:13
Following OnePlus Nord 2 smartphones, chargers started exploding

Recently  several stories have appeared on the network about explosions of the OnePlus Nord 2 smartphone. But this time not the gadget itself exploded, but its charger.

What happened?

The owner of OnePlus Nord 2 told about incident in social networks. According to him, the adapter with cable was charging the phone, and suddenly at some moment there was an ignition. Luckily the man was not hurt, the phone also remained intact - only the socket and the charger itself were damaged.

The message attracted the attention of OnePlus Support, who advised the owner to visit the customer service center. As a result, specialists came to conclusion that the cause of the fire was voltage surges. The user was also exchanged the damaged charger for a new one.

" We take any such claims very seriously. The user has submitted the damaged charger to our service center and has been offered a replacement. OnePlus chargers contain built-in capacitors that control and store energy. In this case, after careful analysis, it was found that the capacitors remained intact, and it can be concluded that the explosion was caused by external factors such as power surges", - noted OnePlus.

Source: @TheGlitchhhh, Gizmochina