glo™ HYPER: improved tobacco heating device and new neo™ stick in demi format

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We live in amazing times, where we are surrounded by millions of electronic devices. We spend our time with them, they serve us to communicate with friends, read news, watch movies and listen to music, audiobooks and podcasts. There is already a specialized device for every sphere of our life, radically changing our consumption in the digital age: it is enough to leave the house to see entire categories of devices that did not exist only 10-20 years ago: drones and gimbals, video recorders and electronic books, vacuum cleaners and glasses have become smart (that is stuffed with modern electronics). It would be strange if in 21st century the tobacco industry did not have a special device, capable of changing our habits with the help of smart electronics, as computers changed our habits, then smart phones or smart watches - the list goes on. This device is called glo™ HYPER and it is made by British American Tobacco (or BAT).

What is it?

glo™ HYPER is a tobacco heating device developed by BAT for adult users of tobacco or nicotine. In contrast to the traditional way of tobacco consumption, known to mankind for some hundreds years, where tobacco is burnt and releases the very substances harmful to health, glo™ HYPER heats tobacco to a temperature of 245-280 degrees Celsius. 

Why is it important?

If tobacco is not burnt, it emits 90%* less toxic substances than the smoke of regular cigarette. Accordingly, those who want to switch to an alternative way of tobacco consumption, but keeping all the qualities of taste, can get the usual pleasure of tobacco consumption, significantly reducing the amount of toxins getting into the body. That is why glo™ HYPER is a modern, technological and eye-catching device.

How the heating technology works

Inside glo™ HYPER there is a coil which uses induction for heating. The coil heater heats tobacco within seconds and gets it ready for consumption. Using only one button, glo™ HYPER is easy to use without the need to read user manuals or worry about "getting it wrong": everything works the way it should work: intuitive.

What makes glo™ HYPER different from its predecessors

The new glo™ HYPER uses an updated neo™ stick format**. The format is called demi and features a 15% increase in diameter, allowing for 30% more tobacco than the previous generation neo™ sticks in nano format. It allows the user to enjoy the familiar and natural flavors to which he/she is accustomed. Such intensity of taste is appreciated not only by those who have already used a device for heating tobacco but also by traditional cigarette smokers. The body of glo™ HYPER uses soft touch plastic***, creating a pleasant tactile experience which enhances the pleasure of using the device even more.

glo™ HYPER is available in four colors: black, blue, orange and white. It operates in two modes, Standard and Boost. In Standard mode, it heats up to 245 degrees Celsius in 20 seconds, twice as fast as the glo™ nano. And in the special Boost mode, the stick heats to 280 degrees in just 15 seconds, delivering a stronger, richer flavour for those who want to enjoy the experience as much as possible. A session lasts 3 minutes, while in Standard mode it lasts 4 minutes. One charge of the built-in glo™ HYPER battery lasts for 20 sessions****.

Sticks neo™ in demi format: new flavors for an unparalleled experience

glo™ HYPER would not be as exciting without its neo™ sticks, specially designed for those who value the taste experience above all else. Not only do they contain more tobacco than previous generation sticks, but they also offer four new flavors:

  • neo™ TERRACOTTA TOBACCO. A classic tobacco flavor with velvety creamy hues and a sweet-tasting filter.

  • neo™ REDBERRY PASTEL. An exquisite combination of tobacco, refreshing menthol notes and red berry flavored capsule.

  • neo™ BRILLIANT BERRY. A classic tobacco with a subtle berry aroma and a forest berry flavor capsule, tinged with a sweet flavor filter.

  • neo™ MAGNETIC PINEAPPLE. Balanced tobacco taste with the bright flavor of exotic fruit capsule, enhanced by the filter with sweet flavor.

Order free test-drive glo™ HYPER and evaluate all the advantages of the new product yourself on the company website

* Comparison of smoke from burning tobacco in a standard 3R4F cigarette (about 9 mg of tar) and aerosol from heated tobacco in the device gloTM conducted by 9 types of harmful substances which the World Health Organization recommends to reduce consumption. This does not necessarily mean that the product is less harmful than other tobacco products.

**Tobacco heating products are not completely safe and are addictive.

***Except glo™ HYPER in white.

**** With fully charged battery and may vary depending on user behaviour.

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