Amazon is working on a "smart" fridge that tracks groceries inside

By: Yuriy Stanislavskiy | 06.10.2021, 20:53
Amazon is working on a "smart" fridge that tracks groceries inside

Amazon seems to have decided to enter our kitchens - with a smart fridge that replicates the technology used in Amazon Go stores without cashiers. The smart fridge will track the condition of food to help the owner order new ones if the product is close to exhaustion.

The team that created the Amazon Go systems is rumored to lead the project, which will take at least two years. Just Walk Out technology used in Go stores tracks what shoppers put in their carts and automatically charges them when they leave the store.

According to leaked information, the fridge will keep track of the food in it and learn the owner's shopping habits. If the fridge runs out of something the family buys often, it will notify them and may even make it easier to order new items from Whole Foods or Amazon Fresh.

It's not hard to imagine that such a system would help Amazon's grocery business. Along with this, the refrigerator will also be able to offer recipes for cooking.

As one would expect, Amazon will not be producing refrigerators on its own. The company will do so in partnership with an unnamed appliance manufacturer. Presumably (but quite logically), the fridge will also include Alexa voice control.

This concept, in principle, is not new. The idea of smart refrigerators that order new products themselves has been floating around for a few years now, especially in the context of the growing number of smart home technologies.

Source: engadget

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