UNDONE Basecamp The 456: The Squid Game watch for $456

By: miroslav-trinko | 13.10.2021, 12:27
UNDONE Basecamp The 456: The Squid Game watch for $456

Hong Kong-basedcompany UNDONE has released Basecamp The 456 watch with the logo of the most popular Netflix series

What is known

Naturally we are talking about "The Squid Game". The watch is named after 456 player and main character of the series Son Ki Hoon, played by South Korean actor Lee Jong Jae. It has a 40mm nstainless steel 316L case, Japanese TMI NH35A/NH39 movement, leather strap, as well as a dial saver in the form of a guards mask from the series and the number 456 on the back. 

UNDONE Basecamp The 456

By the way, the watch is not afraid of water. According to the manufacturer, it will withstand immersion to a depth of 100 meters. What is interesting, cannot be called UNDONE Basecamp The 456 completely new watch. The fact that they are very similar to another model of the company - Classic Blackout. It looks like the manufacturer just took it and added the symbolism of the series. For such a watch they ask $456, while the regular model costs one and a half times cheaper - $335.

UNDONE Classic Blackout

Source: UNDONE