The Vision-60 killer robopass is exactly what humanity has been missing

By: Yuriy Stanislavskiy | 15.10.2021, 16:10
The Vision-60 killer robopass is exactly what humanity has been missing

Dogs have long been man's hunting companion, so it makes sense that once robotic quadrupeds are perfected, we'll put big guns on them. Boston Dynamics may not want anyone to use their robopus nicknamed Spot for evil, but there are plenty of other manufacturers who are happy to prepare robopuses for war (perhaps with humanity).

Ghost Robotics' Vision-60 moves on four legs just like Boston Dynamics' Spot. Equipped with a slew of sensors and cameras, the Vision-60 is nimble enough to keep up on four legs, even while sliding on ice, so getting away from such a critter will be a challenge.

Plus, the Vision-60 doesn't have to be within line-of-sight to take you down. S.W.O.R.D. Defense Systems (a very real company, by the way, not a parody from the Marvel Cinematic Universe) recently introduced a robopass accessory called Special Purpose Unmanned Rifle (abbreviated SPUR) that expands the monster's military capabilities. The SPUR includes a thermal imaging camera with 30x magnification, meaning that in the middle of the night a remote operator can easily detect live and breathing targets.

Tandem Vision-60 and the SPUR are designed to allow soldiers to get closer to the target without exposing themselves to danger. The latest advances in military technology were unveiled at the US Army Association's annual conference recently held in Washington, DC. Robopass is known to have been tested by the US and Australian armies, and possibly other "less outspoken" organizations. Little, little news for us about robot parkers.

Source: gizmodo

Illustration: S.W.O.R.D. Defense Systems