Google Maps will warn about approaching mass gatherings of people

By: Yuriy Stanislavskiy | 17.11.2021, 13:20
Google Maps will warn about approaching mass gatherings of people

Google announced the launch of new Google Maps features for iOS aimed at helping holiday shoppers, and including features such as "Neighborhood Employment" and "Directories."

"Neighborhood Employment."

With "Neighborhood Employment" Google aggregates employment trends of businesses and locations near each other to let you know when a neighborhood or part of the city is busiest. Google says the feature will help identify busy neighborhoods to avoid or highlight "hot spots" if you're new to the area. Google says the Area Busyness feature will launch "in time for the holiday season."


"Guides" is a feature designed to make it easier for people to navigate malls, airports and transit stations. The "Directories" tab will allow you to see what types of stores are in a building, find airport lounges, parking lots, and more. Also, "Handbooks" contains useful information, such as whether a place is open, its rating, and which floor it is on. Similar room mapping features are already available in many malls and airports in the Apple Maps app.

For restaurants, Google is adding price ranges provided by other Google Maps users to give people a better idea of how much food costs in a particular location, as well as a simplified method of providing additional details about the location visited.

Source: google