Apple warns Polish prosecutor about possible iPhone jailbreak

By: Yuriy Stanislavskiy | 28.11.2021, 12:06
Apple warns Polish prosecutor about possible iPhone jailbreak

Apple has warned Polish prosecutor Eva Wrzosek that her iPhone has been jailbroken using the Pegasus spyware and that she may be under surveillance.

The attorney received notification from Apple about a possible attack by government agencies on its iPhone using Pegasus spyware. She posted a tweet in which she demanded an explanation from the Minister of Justice. She also posted some of the text that Apple used to warn about a possible hack.

"Warning! Government sponsored hackers are attacking your iPhone. Apple believes that you are a target for government sponsored hackers who are trying to remotely hack your iPhone. This is most likely due to your work. If the attack was successful, the hacker could get the remote access to your confidential data, messages and even to your camera and microphone This may be a false alarm, but we recommend that you take this warning as seriously as possible.

Government sponsored hackers are very well funded and skilled, and their attacks become more sophisticated over time ... "

Presumably, the surveillance of the prosecutor began after an investigation into the conduct of the presidential elections in Poland.

Editorial staff gg recalls that recently Apple warned that it would send such notifications to all users whose phones, according to the company, were hacked by the Pegasus software of the Israeli company NSO Group. In parallel with this, Apple began active legal war against this well-known manufacturer of hacking tools and spyware.

A source: @e_wrzosek