Withings Body Scan: a smart scale that can do ECGs, accurately analyze body composition and detect signs of nerve dysfunction

By: Elena Shcherban | 04.01.2022, 19:36
Withings Body Scan: a smart scale that can do ECGs, accurately analyze body composition and detect signs of nerve dysfunction

Withings, a manufacturer of wearable gadgets and medical electronics, has prepared an interesting novelty for CES 2022 - a smart scale called Withings Body Scan.

What is special?

You won't surprise anyone with smart weights these days, but Withings Body Scan is a more ambitious gadget. The scale can do EKGs, determine segmented body composition, and even assess the activity of the nerves in the foot. As a result, users will be able to get detailed information about how fat is distributed throughout their body and how this, in turn, may be related to their heart health.

Usually a scale has only two points of contact - the feet. But this model received a retractable handle, which provides two additional points of contact - the palms. The gadget contains four weight sensors and 14 ITO electrodes on the scales themselves, as well as four additional ones located in the handle. The scale is also equipped with a large 3,2-inch colored LCD screen and have a battery life of one year. Works neither with Withings smartwatches, Apple HealthKit and Google Fit apps.

The smart scale measures body composition using bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA). It works by passing a low level of electrical current through your body. Fat, water, and lean mass have different levels of resistance, so depending on the speed at which the current flows, the scale evaluates your body composition. Using a retractable handle, the scale provides an estimate not only of the lower part, but of the entire body. Withings claims that the body scanner can distinguish between your torso, right and left leg, right and left arms. The scale also breaks down body composition by the percentage of body fat and water, visceral fat, muscle and bone mass, and extracellular and intracellular water.

In addition to body composition, a body scan will provide heart rate, ECG and vascular age data at every weigh-in. ECG readings can be saved and transferred to doctors.

In addition, the scale can measure the activity of the sweat glands in the legs and generate points. The activity of the foot nerve is currently being investigated and has the potential to show signs of nerve dysfunction.

The company plans to launch Body Scan for $ 279 in the second half of 2022, but has yet to get regulatory approval.

A source: Withings, The verge