HTC announced the Vive XR Elite mixed reality headset for $1099

By: Maksim Panasovskyi | 06.01.2023, 14:26
HTC announced the Vive XR Elite mixed reality headset for $1099

HTC announced a new mixed reality headset at the Consumer Electronics Show CES 2023. It is called Vive XR Elite.

Here's What We Know

The new product will be a competitor for the Meta Quest. It is equipped with two displays with 90 Hz frame rate and a resolution of 1920 x 1920 pixels. The angle of view is 110 degrees. The headset got four cameras to track hand movements, but two controllers will come to market as an alternative.

According to HTC, the Vive XR Elite can run for 2 hours on a full charge. At the same time, the headset has received support for "hot swapping" batteries. This takes up to 10 minutes. That's how long the backup battery will last if the main battery is not available. A USB-C connector is provided for recharging.

Vive XR Elite is equipped with 12 GB of RAM and has 128 GB of internal storage. The Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 mobile processor acts as the hardware center. The same chip is installed in the Meta Quest 2. The company's Mark Zuckerberg headset appeared back in 2021.

The user can replace the strap with temples, like simple glasses. In this mode, the weight of the device is reduced from 625 g to 240 g. By the way, Meta Quest 2 Pro weighs 722 g. In addition, Vive XR Elite without a strap can be plugged into an outlet.

Price & When We Can Expect It

The HTC Vive XR Elite will cost $1099. Sales will start next month. In comparison, the Meta Quest 2 headset costs $399. The package includes two batteries and two motion controllers, as well as a suite of games and apps.

Pre-orders are already open on the official Vive website. At Mobile World Congress 2023 HTC will announce a corporate version of the headset. By the way, the Vive Focus 3 and Vive Pro 2 will remain on sale.

Source: Vive